Symphony is the place to embed all of your analytics.

Faster analytics delivery

No-Code Embedding

Symphony provides a simple interface to connect your different analytics servers so each embed is a few clicks for permissioned, less technical users. As builders make changes in their tools, the updates are available in Symphony.

Users will get more from your analytics in the Symphony portal.

Internal Users

Analytics UX for Teams

When different tools are built in different software like Tableau, Power BI, your end-users must navigate those systems and their different interfaces. Symphony's analytics portal consolidates tools and provides a simple, elegant and consistent user experience for all of these tools.

Symphony provides a quick and easy way to deliver analytics securely.

External Users

Take action on key insights

With your analytics all in one place, (permissioned) users can provide access to other users, customers, and partners, or share insights with them. Providing access to your entire ecosystem has never been easier or better looking.

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