Analytics Delivery

A better analytics experience for all of your users

Use Symphony as an embedded analytics portal for internal efficiency or for faster external delivery.

Internal Users

Save time and money inside your organization by using a tool that modernizes collaboration using your existing analytics tools.

Internal teams work and share analytics.

External Users

Monetize analytics products and insights by delivering embedded analytics for your customers, vendors, or partners.

Embed, share, and deliver analytics to customers.

Who Benefits from Symphony

Symphony helps teams of all types

Symphony solves a problem that isn't industry specific. That's because delivering analytics value by combining people, process and action around data isn't industry specific. Here are a few use cases where Symphony's embedded analytics portal and collaboration create value.


Symphony provides value for any organization that currently develops analytics, but needs faster time to value through internal collaboration efficiency, or through faster external data product delivery.


Different users gain value from Symphony in different ways. Leaders will be able to make faster, better data-driven decisions. Analysts will provide insights more efficiently. Customers will be able to quickly access your data products and insights.

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